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Reynardine Software  has 30 years experience in the display and software industry and is based in the Village of Waltham near Canterbury, Kent, South East England. Applications are written in VB.NET and ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 development environment. All custom Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) products have underlying Microsoft Access 2000 or SQL Server databases. Reynardine specialises in availability/booking/SMS messaging applications that can integrate to web sites. They are suitable for SMEs (small medium enterprises) to control customer information , bookings and availability of items (eg: properties, seats, time slots) for rental or for sale. Reynardine can customise these applications or write new applications to suit your requirements. Reynardine has expertise in web services, VirtualEarth Mapping, integration to Barclays epdq.

Mike Thompson
Reynardine Software
The Briers
Richdore Rd
Kent CT4 5SL
tel: +44 (0)1227 700397