Text to receive instant info or full pdf to email
TextQube is software application easily loaded onto your computer allowing you to automatically respond to remote text messages from mobile phones, for example to send instant information back to the mobile (or email address sent by the mobile) or remotely control a device from the mobile.
All you need is an internet connection to the computer.
TextQube listens constantly for new messages, on receipt the message is stripped and the appropriate action taken.
See here for the basic application that can connect to your database. 

How can you use it?

- Run marketing campaigns with inbound SMS as a reply option
- Receive sales enquiries by text message
- Enable field-based engineers to update you with problem progress
- Place your dedicated SMS phone number on “For Sale” boards
- Offer patients the ability to confirm appointment reminders

- Remotely control devices in your home
Example scenerio for Estate Agents
Property TextQube has an internal database to represent each item of interest. Each item has a unique reference number. In the case of estate agents, the software can be configured to pickup all the property data in their existing application or the details can be added separately for each property. For each item of interest, a pdf document can be automatically created including pictures.
Let us say a property has a reference ‘THE BRIERS’.
A small waterproof sign is printed by Property TextQube containing the message:
For instant text back information, text THE BRIERS ( or for full details to be sent to your email, text THE BRIERS followed by your email address) to 81234*
The sign is stuck onto the FOR SALE sign for The Briers. Any person sending the appropriate message will receive an instant SMS message about the property and/or receive an email containing the pdf document with full detail of the property as a file attachment to an email.
Download textqube.pdf
SMS enquiry receives the info for this propertyt

At the office, the SMS message enquiry is received for the property/item of interest. TEXTQUBE can be configured to pick up your current database.