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Solve your seat booking problem with RAGS: Seatpicker.

Cost: For a monthly fee of 100 ( + 20 SagePay fee), you can have on-line seat booking for your events.  For telephone bookings, the booking clerk merely logs on to the website too. On the day of the event, lock down the internet and run locally in your booking office.
Avoid constantly manned booking offices and make the leap to internet booking where the customer does the work for you.
RAGS has been redesigned to be a simple web-based seat booking system. An easy to use on-line event editor allows you to quickly set up events which then lets your customers instantly start booking your seats on-line. RAGS has teamed up with SagePay, formerly PROTX, to provide the secure payment gateway. At the point of booking, your customers see your custom seat plan. Available seats are hot, booked seats are not. The seat plan can be any kind of layout, it could be a campsite or an events hall with tables for example or a comedy club, theatre,cinema. The clickable areas can even represent Days of the month or times of the day for Calendar type booking - the beauty is it works in the same way, available 'hot' items are selected and paid for on-line, booked items are not hot and can't be selected.
The event editor has a 'Strict seating' tick box, which forces customers to choose seats if ticked, or allows them to sit anywhere on the night if not ticked.
Here is an example of your on-line event editor:

Here is an example on-line seat booking for an event:
Example on-line seat plan

In your booking office

On the day of the performance, you can lock down the internet, download the current bookings then run locally.
You can quickly find a booking, and print the ticket, we recommend the StarMicronics ticket printer ( only ~ 250 )
In this example of the booking office view, the seat plan is of a 400 seat theatre:

Booking office windows application, gets your web bookings, quick find/ticket print

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