SMS message service: SpeedyStaff

Contact filtered set of staff/customers from your own application database instantly by text message to their mobile phones

Send same message to 1 or many


SMS text messaging from your own database application

Click Here for FLASH DEMO of sending SMS from your database


For contacting staff:

temp staff/nurses/social workers, NHS, general recruitment,

property agents, couriers, hotels, general transport etc.

For contacting customers:

Doctors,Dentists,vets, - appointment reminders.

Estate agents new hot properties

Club members upcoming events

Theatres/Restaurants seats just available

The main application has a people database in which you can search using fast find features:




As well as the normal contact address/phone fields you have 8 user defined fields and 2 date fields. In this case the user defined fields are shift, quals, pref, temp to perhaps represent preferred shift, qualifications, preferred days to work, type of employment required in a user application for Recruitment. There is also the NOTES field which can contain large amounts of data which you can filter to in the main application.


The main SMS Messaging application


Use the drop down list of fields to find records where the selected field either begins, contains or equals the search text. Optionally also include one or both of the date fields to filter where these dates are between upper and lower limits. Having created the filter you can now send a text message, up to 160 characters long to the filtered record set.


Features include:
  • Automatic generation of log files of messages sent 
  • Recipient can call back to the system to acknowledge receipt of message.
  • Common message database, fast pick to avoid repetitive typing of often used messages



    To send a message to a UK mobile costs a maximum of 10p (plus VAT) per message but drops significantly, based on how many messages you send each month. SpeedyStaff uses the TextAnywhere web service gateway. All messages are treated as First Class and delivered as swiftly as they possible can be. To ensure the highest quality of message delivery, all messages are sent through UK operators (Vodafone,o2,Orange,T-Mobile,3 and Virgin Mobile).
    The web service is pay as you go, no monthly fee and no minimum sign up time.

    To start using SpeedyStaff you first need an account with TextAnywhere through the SpeedyStaff portal to TextAnywhere.
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    For more information, contact:

    Mike Thompson

    Reynardine Software,

    The Briers, Richdore Rd,

    Waltham, KENT CT4 5SL

    SE England

    tel: 44 (0)1227 700397