The RAGS 2-WAY SMS messaging solution

SMS messaging from your application 2 way SMS messaging, SMS Software from your database  TextQube wins international prize

CareText SMS, is a web based SMS and booking service for Bank Staff, Care workers, Service Engineers, temps, rapid response. It is also ideal for booking customers into any location: Holiday rentals, lecture theatres, classrooms etc, etc.. 
Assign personnel to specific shifts at specific sites over the web. Send SMS messages to request availability.  

TextQube (Web) is a web based module that polls incoming SMS messages and sends back requested information by querying a web database based. Optionally, complex documents can be emailed to clients whose mobile numbers are known by request from their mobiles. More details.

Examples: Text the word 'today', for temporary workers a message is returned detailing available work today so workers can be pro-active in making themselves available to work. For tourists a message is returned with seats available in a theatre or restaurant. Outside a house For Sale, property to rent, text a code and details of the property are sent back to you. Text me the balance of my account. Send me a ticket ( complex tickets could be sent to an email address with pdf attached)

An example of its use is a

TextQube is a simple to install Windows application that polls incoming SMS messages and automatically sends back requested information. It is mapped to two fields in your database, the contents of the first field are sent to you from your customer's mobile phone by the enquiring customer. TextQube then looks up the information in the second field from the record matching the first field and sends it back to the mobile phone. Send property details, restaurant availability, seat availability, tourist information, account details etc etc. You can easily connect to your existing Access or SQL Server database.
More details.     Reynardine/Textanywhere case study

nopCommerce development: Web based E-Commerce solution

Mikeys Music, nopCommerce e-commerce site
NopCommerce is an open-source E-commerce solution based on ASP.NET MVC 4.0 and MS SQL Server 2008 (or higher) backend Database. It is available under the nopCommerce Public License V3 and officially launched in October 2008 for small to medium-sized businesses.

Reynardine has been developing using the open source nopCommerce e-commerce solution for several years, this has a huge community support and used on thousands of sites around the world.
Reynardine has developed a local GUI database application that connects to a local SQL server for storing product information. A range of products once entered can be selected then uploaded in bulk to the nopCommerce site. The local application also has used the ebay API available for developers such that the products can also be uploaded to ebay

local products, upload to nopCommerce
Easy editor local products database
Easy bulk upload to a nopCommerce site
Easy bulk load to ebay

Bing map development

Bing maps for surveys
Bing maps, for surveys or showing locations. Latitude and longitude are stored in a database for each item, server side, generated from postcodes.

Reynardine has expertise in Bing maps, drawing location pins using latitude/longitude data stored server side in SQL server databases.
Here is an example for a local campaign to Save Manston Airport